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  • EVENTS | Red Alert Movie

    Her Nexx Chapter, the 2022 fiscal sponsor of the Red Alert Documentary Project, presents RED ALERT! A Conversation About HER Health A Virtual Event Featuring Experts and Advocates in Women’s Medical Health and Wellness ​ Uterine fibroids affect 171 million women worldwide but there is little conversation among women and the medical industry about this epidemic and many women just ‘cope’ with their symptoms and any consequences of treatments thereafter. View this important conversation as impact filmmaker and women's health advocate, Erica L. Taylor speaks with accredited contributors on this topic, providing insights into this condition and how women can improve their health with physicians’ insights, expert tips, exercise and diet recommendations. ​ ​ A Reproductive Health Medical Panel A Healthy Cooking Demo with Vegan Celebrity Chef A Holistic Healing/Health and Wellness Panel Exclusive Footage from the Red Alert Documentary Live chat with participants The Live Stream was on July 19th, 2022. You can now watch the recording here: 2022 Red Alert Virtual Summit Panelists HOST Erica L. Taylor, Executive Producer, Taylor Productions & Director-Producer, Red Alert Documentary ​ RED ALERT EVENT PANELISTS: Dr. Oluwayeni Abraham, PT, DPT – Triggered Physical Therapy Sepsenahki Taylor, Wellness Guru, Celebrity Chef and Author – Chef Ahki Chloe Mondesir, Race/Health Equity Leader and Fibroids Fighter Dr. Sadiya Khan, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine, Northwestern University – American Heart Association Natasha Morris, Fibroid Survivor, Founder and CEO – McKinley Davis Lady Chap, Founder and CVO – Her Nexx Chapter Annette Presley, RDN, LD, CFN and Author – Revived Woman Dr. Soyini Hawkins, OBGYN – Fibroid and Pelvic Wellness Center of Georgia ​ ​ Thank You To Our Event Sponsors ​ The Red Alert virtual event was produced by

  • GIVE| Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids

    Donate - Red Alert Movie TAP HERE DONATE TO RED ALERT FILM FINISHING FUND Help us reach our goal to finish the Red Alert documentary ADVOCACY Together, we can push toward building awareness and funding for fibroid research and education. With your help, we can connect and assist those working to find a cause and cure for uterine fibroids and other related reproductive health issues. Our current efforts include virtual discussions and speaking engagements with leaders in women's health and wellness, fibroid awareness and impact filmmaking. In January we launched our monthly newsletter, If Walls Could Talk . Sign up below to be a Red Alert insider. Red Alert is a medical, social, political and mental health movement for women. Your support will also go toward our efforts to grow fibroid awareness worldwide. The numbers of women affected by these reproductive abnormalities grows larger everyday. No more suffering in silence. Film and media are master keys to spreading awareness and finding ways to eradicate uterine fibroids. The Stephanie Tubbs Jones Uterine Fibroid Research and Education Act In the U.S., over half-million fibroid-related hysterectomies are performed annually, yet only $17 million has been allocated for fibroid research, putting it in the bottom 50 of almost 300 funded conditions, even though the direct and indirect medical costs related to fibroids amount to an estimated $35 billion each year in the U.S. alone. Since August 3, 2020, the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Uterine Fibroid Research and Education Act has been reintroduced by several members of Congress, including (fmr. Sen.) VP Kamala Harris (D-CA), Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY) and most recently, U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-W. Va.), who reintroduced the bill on July 23, 2021. If passed, the bill will provide $150 million toward fibroid research and education, identifying key areas of insufficiency in fibroid awareness, research and treatment. More information on the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Uterine Fibroid Research and Education Act Donate - Red Alert Movie TAP HERE DONATE TO RED ALERT

  • DIRECTOR'S LETTER | Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids

    A Letter From The Director Many black women are suffering. We are suffering through physical pain that has been normalized, accepted and masked through generational silence. Women have watched centuries of progress in nearly all areas of western medicine and the development of treatments that cater to more ‘mainstream’ health discrepancies . The underrepresented fibroid patient has been held captive to her symptoms, which have been oversimplified and normalized, yet become more frequent and more obstructive every year. This country was founded through a culture that usurped and stereotyped black women as birthers, nurturers and caregivers, with little-to-no concern for the needs of the individual person; her physical and mental healthcare was ultimately pushed behind the production of a nation. With a bruised history of servitude and rise in maternal health disparities, there exists an expanding rupture of distrust between doctor and black patient. Black women and infertility are still rare joint topics of discussion. More recently, any specialized attention toward reproductive health issues have been hidden behind cancer research, HIV and COVID-19. What hasn’t been invariably present is the paradigm shift needed among healthcare administrators, physicians and legislators to eradicate the epidemic of uterine fibroid tumors, which 80% of black women suffer from on a monthly and daily basis. With the constant demands of work and life at the forefront, women have used their instinctive reaction to ‘push through’ immeasurable pain that only those stricken with the reproductive disease can truly understand. There is a societal stigma around period discussion and a general lack of empathy for reproductive complications, especially for women in underrepresented and underserved communities. We have yet to see the necessary resources allocated toward research of the fibroid epidemic, even though the mental, physical and emotional damage from the symptoms is often unimaginable. The goal of Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids is to build awareness and compassion for the vast numbers of women who are suffering from fibroids and related reproductive illnesses. Our goal is to present the faces of fibroids, expressing the hopes and fears of the women whose lives have been interrupted, through thoughtful, artistic production, along with cutting edge research that could spark progressive change for millions of lives everywhere. We have waited long enough. No more suffering in silence. Sincerely, ​ ​ Erica L. Taylor Director-Producer, Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids

  • ABOUT | Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids

    About Red Alert Movie What Causes Uterine Fibroids? Who is Most Affected by Fibroids? Is There a Cure? ​ Uterine Fibroids are benign tumors that grow on, around or inside the uterus. Often appearing in multiples, fibroids can cause infertility, severe anemia, miscarriage and lessen a woman’s quality of life significantly. For Erica, uterine fibroids nearly ended her life. Her diagnosis in 2008 would mark the beginning of a dozen years of treatments, surgeries, pain, endometriosis, cysts, infertility, miscarriage and eventually, the intensive care unit. Ultimately choosing faith over her diagnosis, she opened the discussion with other fibroid patients, and found that countless women are suffering in silence, quietly suppressing their symptoms with potent prescription medications or accepting the fate of an unwanted hysterectomy. Some of those women, like Erica, still maintain hopes of pregnancy, but find it difficult to stay encouraged. Red Alert follows Erica’s documented fibroid journey over several years as she speaks to the emotional and physical effects of fibroid treatments and infertility. She felt alone, as if this was some sort of spiritual punishment or fate that she would have to accept. After all, if other women she knew had gone through something so extreme, she’d know, right? ​ Erica did some research and found that millions of women, especially black women, have and will be diagnosed with fibroids and will suffer from the symptoms. After opening up the discussion with girlfriends and relatives with uterine fibroids, she realized that there is little conversation among women and the medical industry about this epidemic and that many women just 'deal' with their symptoms and any consequences of treatments thereafter. After over a decade of fighting, Erica, a filmmaker, knew that suffering in silence was no longer an option. Enter Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids documentary, a full-length feature film that will get women talking about their experiences of pushing through the pain every month and sometimes everyday. Every woman is different. But one thing they all have in common: they are sick and tired of fibroid pain, hospital bills, painful intercourse, missed social engagements, the added expense of excessive sanitary products, the fear and realities of infertility and most of all, lack of treatment options and unwanted hysterectomies. Red Alert is a film that will change the way this country perceives the reproductive health of all women, and particularly black women. By presenting and pursuing the stories of real suffering women and seeking answers about past and current research from accredited physicians and scientists, we will uncover truths and dispel myths about fibroid tumors, with hopes to bridge the communication gap between physicians and patients. The film will present the newest research from accredited scientists supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Mayo Clinic, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University School of Medicine and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. ​ Read the Director's Letter of Purpose for Red Alert. Donate - Red Alert Movie TAP HERE DONATE TO RED ALERT The Red Alert Crew ​ Andy Baeza Director of Photography Dallas-Fort Worth based photographer, videographer, and audio engineer Andy Baeza, is a master of the lens. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but this guy's eye is priceless. When he's not traveling abroad to capture the world's greatest views, he's living the good life with his amazing wife, his five beautiful and talented children, and crazy dogs. Erica L. Taylor Director, Producer Supernova filmmaker and creator of Red Alert Movie, Erica L. Taylor, is an experienced Producer and documentarian, with top credits in national television and radio. After producing network documentaries in Los Angeles, CA, Erica channeled her energy toward projects addressing health issues effecting women and minorities. If there was ever a complete package, it's this woman. Jasmine C. Leyva Producer Unicorn champion for vegan freedom, Jasmine C. Leyva, is an acclaimed filmmaker, screenwriter and actress in Los Angeles, CA. Her production experience includes the NAACP award winning show 'Unsung' and was a debut writer for BET's 'Being.' Jasmine is the Director of "The Invisible Vegan" documentary now on Amazon Prime. Cherie White Social Media Manager With an "S" on her chest and in her name, Cherie S. White is President and Digital Media Strategist of Clicks Digital Media and creator of She has worked with a variety of print and online media outlets during her nearly 20-year career, including REACH Media Inc and the Atlanta Tribune, but in her first and forever full-time gig, she's mom supreme to four stellar superkids. Danuelle Roberts Assistant Writer Published Author & Speaker, Danuelle Roberts puts the 'pro' in professional. A self-proclaimed storm-raiser, her books are remarkable and inspiring; but don't just take our word for it, ask Barnes and Noble or Amazon. When she puts the pen down, she turns to her not-so-secret powers as a dynamic Life Coach and a ridiculously young-looking mom. Leon Lacey Music Composer Grammy Award winning artist Leon Lacey's compositions have reached the many corners of Hollywood. An "artist's artist" Lacey has worked alongside Wyclef Jean, Janet Jackson, Brandy, Smokey Robinson, Method Man, Gunit, 3T Jacksons, Karen Clark-Sheard, Hezekiah Walker, and the beat goes on. He's also composed music for MARVEL, NBC, OWN, TV One, and now, Red Alert.

  • NEWSLETTER | Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids

    THE RED ALERT NEWSLETTER In January 2022, we launched the first edition of our newsletter, If Walls Could Talk The newsletter presents information on the Red Alert project and relevant news in the areas of reproductive health and wellness. Click here to view a pdf version of the first edition with clickable links. Published in January 2022, If Walls Could Talk is designed as a central publication location for all things Red Alert, uterine fibroid and reproductive health, research developments and legislation. With the intention of building a place for readers to stay on Red Alert about the work completed by champions in the fight, we plan to give a nod to our survivors and advocates by featuring amazing stories. We welcome information about our affiliates, partners, sponsors and supporters in the field of reproductive health, treatment and medicine. Our supporters are featured on a special page with logos (SEO link capable) for quick reader connection. As we continue production, completion and distribution of Red Alert, our readers will know about film developments, have the opportunity to give to be a part of our Red Alert Family (RAM FAM). We will continue to fund the Red Alert brand advocacy beyond the release of the film. Sign up below to become a Red Alert Insider Give to the Red Alert brand to support our projects and women's health advocacy

  • CONTACT | Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids Movie

    Have a question about giving to Red Alert, our film production or were you diagnosed with fibroids? WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Submit ABOUT TAYLOR PRODUCTIONS Taylor Productions is a premier production company serving clients in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. You’ll find a variety of talent on our team, including Hollywood-accredited producers, major award winners, media moguls, documentary filmmakers and radio executives - a rare combination. Taylor Productions proudly serves corporate and executive clients. Our humble beginnings were in the documentary genre and we plan to keep telling amazing stories, one legacy at a time. We’re bringing you our best, offering personalized service from our team of production specialists. W e’re not an agency, so we use the red tape to make wall art and the obstacles as chandeliers. ​ We're excited about our filmmaking subsidiary, e-motion film, which presents films that both educate and entertain, like Red Alert. ​ Welcome to the Taylor Productions experience . We get production.

  • PRESS | Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids

    MEDIA COVERAGE Press Releases Releases about Red Alert film and brand advocacy efforts Podcasts Listen to podcasts featuring Red Alert cast and crew Print Read about Red Alert in online magazines PRESS AHA - EmPOWERED To Serve | Multicultural change through health justice in our communities Women’s Gynecologic Health Education is Power! “Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids” | Her Nexx Chapter ​ Press Release - 2022 (icrowdnewswire) New film Targeting Uterine Fibroids, Black Women and Infertility Releases Provocative New Trailer ​ Press Release - 2021 (EIN newswire) Film Producer Erica L. Taylor Named National Brand Ambassador for USA Fibroid Centers PODCASTS Watch God Work Podcast -Erica L. Taylor talks Fibroids, Red Alert, Storytelling, Prayer, Unsung & More | Watch God Work ​ Beyond My Imagination Podcast - “For a Force Bigger Than Myself” with Erica Taylor Davis (BYI02) ​ Vegan Sexy Cool Podcast - A Really Good Place to Start PRINT Filmmakers Making A Social Impact: Why & How Erica L. Taylor Of Red Alert, Is Helping To Change Our World | by Yitzi Weiner | Authority Magazine | Sep, 2022 | Medium DFW Shoutout I PRESS ​ Real Health Magazine - April 2021 - ER Visits, Heavy Bleeding, Painful Sex, Surgeries and Fertility Issues ​ ​ USA Fibroid Centers - MEET OUR NATIONAL AMBASSADOR FILM PRODUCER ERICA L. TAYLOR ​ Girl Talk HQ - 2nd Annual rePRO Film Festival Highlights The Urgency Of Reproductive Justice ​ Real Health Magazine - August 2021- The Fibroids Movie “Red Alert” Nears Completion FESTIVALS 2021 RePro Film Festival - Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids Call-to-Action Conversation ​ 2021 Total Abundance Summit - The Power of Your Story with Erica Taylor Davis

  • SOCIAL | Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids Movie

    R.A.M. ON THE GRAM Follow us on Instagram @redalertmovie Insta-Buzz Visit us on Facebook official facebook page official facebook group

  • PARTNERS| Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids

    THANK YOU TO OUR RED ALERT BRAND FAMILY OF SUPPORTERS PRODUCT SPONSORS As part of our social media outreach, Red Alert gave products that inspire and heal to our followers on social media and special members of our film cast. Thank you to our product sponsors for their love and support! @yabsticker Since 2002, You Are Beautiful has placed over 3 million stickers and dozens of mural installations throughout the U.S. with hopes to make the world a little better place. Visit their showroom, museum or workshops in Chicago, IL. You Are Beautiful @inspiredapparel04 Inspired to inspire, accessories muse Robyn Carson makes delicate and trendy jewelry, handbags and other items that couples mindfulness and fashion together to build beautiful gifts and a remarkable personal collection. Inspired Apparel by Robyn Carson BECOME A RED ALERT MOVIE FAN SUPPORTER There is strength in numbers. Join us on social . Join our newsletter. Make a donation . Sign up below for more details.

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    This is not simply a medical documentary. These are the stories of real women whose lives were interrupted because of uterine fibroids, a common illness affecting 70% of all women and 89% of African-American women today. There is no known cause for this reproductive illness, yet o ver 500,000 fibroid-related hysterectomies are performed each year. Direct and indirect costs of uterine fibroids in the U.S. are calculated between $6 and $36+ billion annually. Donate - Red Alert Movie TAP HERE DONATE TO RED ALERT "Research is formalized curiosity, it is poking and prying with a purpose." - Zora Neale Hurston A childless black woman, fed-up with multiple invasive surgeries to save her uterus, seeks answers from scientists, doctors and historians about the cause, symptoms and cure for her major reproductive disease before her biological clock comes to a stop. After nearly dying from her condition, suffering multiple miscarriages, infertility and poverty, s he meets other black women suffering from the s ame illness, with inconceivable stories about their survival. ​ In 2008, during a routine trip to the OBGYN, Erica decided to be fitted for a popular birth control device to regulate her unpredictable periods. As the doctor attempted to fit her for the apparatus, she screamed out in excruciating pain. Her physician dismissed her pain and simply told her that some women aren't able to wear IUDs. Despite the prognosis, Erica decided to seek a second opinion. After her first sonogram with a new gynecologist, she was diagnosed with multiple fibroid tumors. This would mark the beginning to 13 years of treatments, surgeries, pain, poverty and ultimately the intensive care unit. After fighting both fibroids and endometriosis and seeking multiple doctors (one of whom suggested a hysterectomy in her early 30s), Erica, like many other women, had begun to give up the idea of a marriage and family, believing that her symptoms were too extreme. Choosing faith over her diagnosis, she did some research and found that over 70% of all women have fibroid tumors and 89% of African-American women will be diagnosed with fibroids by age 50 and will suffer from the symptoms the most. After speaking with girlfriends and relatives with uterine fibroids, Erica realized that there is little conversation among women, legislators and the medical industry about the fibroid tumor epidemic. Women have normalized pushing through pain, which could eventually lead to an unwanted hysterectomy and the inability to become pregnant. ​ ​ WHY AREN'T WE TALKING ABOUT IT? ​ The goal of Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids is to build awareness and compassion for the vast amounts of women who are suffering from fibroids and related reproductive illnesses. Our goal is to present the faces of fibroids, while expressing the hopes and fears of the women whose lives have been interrupted, through thoughtful, artistic production, along with cutting edge research that could spark progressive change for millions of lives everywhere. No more suffering in silence. Uterine fibroids affect 171 million women worldwide. Why hasn't more attention and research funding been given toward this illness? Endometriosis: a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain - Oxford dictionary Cause: UNKNOWN Uterine Fibroid: a benign tumor of muscular and fibrous tissues, typically developing in the wall of the uterus - Oxford dictionary Cause: UNKNOWN

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