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In January 2022, we launched the first edition of our newsletter,
If Walls Could Talk

The newsletter presents information on the Red Alert project and relevant news in the areas of reproductive health and wellness. 

Click here to view a pdf version of the first edition with clickable links.

Published in January 2022, If Walls Could Talk is designed as a central publication location for all things Red Alert, uterine fibroid and reproductive health, research developments and legislation.

With the intention of building a place for readers to stay on Red Alert about the work completed by champions in the fight, we plan to give a nod to our survivors and advocates by featuring amazing stories. 
We welcome information about our affiliates, partners, sponsors and supporters in the field of reproductive health, treatment and medicine. 

Our supporters are featured on a special page with logos  (SEO link capable) for quick reader connection.
As we continue production, completion and distribution of Red Alert, our readers will know about film developments, have the opportunity to give to be a part of our Red Alert Family (RAM FAM). 

We will continue to fund the Red Alert brand advocacy beyond the release of the film. 
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