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Have a question about giving to Red Alert, our film production or were you diagnosed with fibroids?


Taylor Productions is a premier production company serving clients in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. You’ll find a variety of talent on our team, including Hollywood-accredited producers, major award winners, media moguls, documentary filmmakers and radio executives - a rare combination. 


Taylor Productions proudly serves corporate and executive clients.


Our humble beginnings were in the documentary genre and we plan to keep telling amazing stories, one legacy at a time. 

We’re bringing you our best, offering personalized service from our team of production specialists.


We’re not an agency, so we use the red tape to make wall art and the obstacles as chandeliers. 

We're excited about our filmmaking subsidiary, e-motion film, which presents films that both educate and entertain, like Red Alert.

Welcome to the Taylor Productions experience. We get production. 

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