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a 501(c)3 Nonprofit


Her Nexx Chapter is proud to partner with Taylor Productions as a fiscal sponsor for the Red Alert Documentary project.


In Fall 2021, Taylor Productions, a Dallas-based production company and its subsidiary, E-Motion film, built a new alliance with the nonprofit, Her Nexx Chapter (HNC), a 501(c)3 organization. Her Nexx Chapter is the 2021-2022 fiscal sponsor for the Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids project. Through the film’s donations, Red Alert will play a role in helping the Her Nexx Chapter Organization build on their goal of preparing women for the changing phases of life in the areas of health and wellness.








Through this partnership, Her Nexx Chapter will continue to provide its members with free resources, opportunities and information to enrich their lives and navigate a work-life balance through community.


Donations to Red Alert are tax deductible through the fiscal sponsorship.

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About Her Nexx Chapter

A 501(c)3 Organization

Established 2016 

Her Nexx Chapter is a virtual community where women connect, explore and transform. The organization was founded by Tracy “Lady Chap” Chapital after losing her best friend to breast cancer. She wanted to build a vibrant virtual community where women can access resources for business, education, mental and physical health and ask relatable questions that other experienced members can answer.


Her Nexx Chapter provides engagement topics and activities that will deliver an impactful experience for women. HNC is here to walk with you through the various seasons of life. The possibilities are unlimited when women are directly involved in their own transformation. From life skills for wellness to soft skills for growth, HNC is committed to “The Future of Connection for Women.” 

Get more Information on Her Nexx Chapter's partnership with Red Alert.

Visit the website to learn more about free membership to Her Nexx Chapter.

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